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The 4 Paradigm Summaries for 

The Age of LovingKindness


Our planet has dramatically changed since it crossed over into the 21st century ... and mankind has drifted further and further apart from each other and from Peace on earth. 

Below are summaries of 4 concepts that may add new insights, perspectives, and wisdom you could use on your own life journey.

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Man continplating

Join me as we journey to a place where there is no right or wrong ... to a place of SilentKnowing".

Sadly mankind has distanced themselves from "the-who" they truly are at their divine core essence of self ... becoming instead "the-who" they have been unknowingly molded and reprogrammed to be.

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Purpose of Soul Whispering

To immerse your very Being into a new life paradigm that connects your HeartCenter and GodSoul in harmony and compassion, entering into a life dimension guided by Peace and Joy and Love by trusting yourself to trust YourGod.

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The complete Four Life Awakenings webpage will soon be published.

Fresh Eyes that See with New Truths

In 2017, I had sold my home and packed my car ... and began a journey to unknown destinations. I was now, for the first time in my life, without a home.


Each day as I drove, possible answers to my questions ran through my mind like ... "Who was I?" and "What would become of me?"

One by one,  the Four Life Awakenings flashed through my mind ... my "aha moments of awareness" of my own life traveled ... moments that would act as my trustworthy friends as I journeyed to places I had never been before and would meet people I had never known before:

The Four Life Awakenings

  • The Power of a Beginner's Mind

  • The Power of Self-Worth

  • The Power of Appreciation

  • Trust the Wisdom of Your Soul

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Human Spirit Energy Centers and the GodSoul

4 Primary Energy Centers

  • HeartCenter

  • EgoCenter

  • MindCenter

  • GodSoul

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 The complete Energy Complex of the Human Spirit webpage will soon be published. 

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